Ed Bearss USS Arizona Memorial

Ed & WWII reenactors at the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl HarborEd Bearss at Delphi

Ed Bearss at Little Round Top Gettysburg

Ed & 20th Maine group on Little Round Top

Gettysburg National Military Park, May 2007


"There are many tour options available to us.  Making a travel choice is made much easier when we know Marty Gane is the Tour Director and Designer.  Her integrity, attention to detail, extensive planning, and desire to make each trip special for every guest have given us many wonderful travel memories. Marty not only delivers a fine product, but her positive and attentive presence adds to the quality of the experience." --Earl and Sharon Clough

“10! - We had a fantastic experience! We learned more than we imagined we could in such a short time,…Ed is fabulous! This was our first tour with him and I’m still amazed at how much he knows and how well he pulls together historical events, people, places. Marty is the consummate tour professional; excellent organization, funny, always smiling, patient, organized, knowledgeable about everything (history, culture, geography)."— Ron & Linda Allen

 The purpose of my lettter is to compliment Marty Gane, our outstanding Expedition manager--we just can't say enough "terrifics" about her--for her exceptional dedication, competence, and compassion!..she was superb, simply outstanding! her energy, her attention to detail, her leadership skills, were evident--and exemplary! She was the most competent tour leader we have ever known over the many years we have been touring."

--William J. Johnston

"How can one rate Ed? He is the best of the best!  Marty is sensational - she has the gift of planning and anticipating needs."

"Everything about the tour was excellent. We have been on many tours with Ed but this is the first where hotels & meals were all top quality."                         - Diane & Kimball Nedved

Kudos to Marty Gane for EVERYTHING that she did to make our trip so outstanding. We have toured with many companies and guides but Marty stands out head and shoulders for the many, many ways that she made the trip not only more informative but also more fun!       ---Ken and Linda O'Bannon

"Looking forward to going on another trip with you!  Ed: 5 stars!  Marty: 5 stars!  Ed Bearss is the BEST!!!" 

- Dave & Dottie Segal